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T2 - Latch Tool Bind Off

The latch tool bind is the most common method for removing the knit from the machine.  It is commonly called "bind off".

1. Pull all needles to hold position for first timers.  After you feel more comfortable with the technique, push the needles to forward working position after pull them to hold position.  This is a fast & easier method.  BUT don't start out this way as it's easier to drop stitches.

2. The bind off is similar to crochet.  The left hand hold the yarn and maintains the tension.  The right hand holds the latch tool.

If you have never crochet, hold the yarn as in the picture.


3. The bind off starts on the side where you stopped knitting.  Most often the bind off is right to left.

Starting with the end needle, put the hook of the latch tool in the hook of the needle.

Push the needle back to working position using your left thumb. The stitch is now on the latch tool.

4. Push the latch tool away from you so that the stitch goes behind the latch of the latch tool.


5. Wrap the yarn around 1 gate post or gate peg to the right of the latch tool.

Put the yarn in the hook of the latch tool.
Do this using your right hand.


6. Pull the latch tool towards you so that the stitch goes over the latch & hook on the latch tool, and the yarn makes a new stitch in the hook.  Repeat the technique on the next stitch.


7. When you get to the last stitch, break the yarn and pull it through the stitch.  This will secure the bind off so that it won't unravel.  DON'T cut the yarn close to the knit fabric after completing the bind off.  You will need to burry or hind the end in the knit before trimming.

8. When the bind off is complete, the knit will be attached to the machine.  Simply lift it off of the gate posts.


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