You won't find a better resource on the web for knitting.

A little History on Knitters Edge. Back in 2005 Tricia was going to shut the site down which was announced in an email she had sent to all the members, I being one. I sent back and asked if she had ever considered selling as I did not want to see this resource go away to everyone who relied on it. She responded back and told me it would be too challenging to find a buyer and I sent back telling her she found one, me. So I bought the site from her with the intent of keeping it alive but it grew into much much more than that. I already had a very full time job as a systems engineer for a health care org. in Illinois which took about 50 hrs a week of my time not including after hours support. Well KE turned out to be a full time job in itself and I totally burned out and went into hibernation. For that I am totally sorry but when things get bad in ones life they don't always make the best choices. That was about 2011. Well I kept the site up however did nothing with it. God works in mysterious ways and I woke up about 6 months ago and here I am. Retired, living in Texas (moved from Illinois) and happy as a lark and revamping KE. This is now my only passion.



Linda Bushby

Site Admin

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Bland Person

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Karen Fearing
I have to say that in the last month or so I've found more inspiration at KE than I have anywhere else. A+ website and I'm still learning. Am determined to make a cardi, I HAVE to get the hang of this!!  Karen