Hand Knitting

Knitters Edge does not just cater to the Machine Knitter but also to the Hand Knitter. Many combine Hand Knit with Machine Knitting and vice versa.

Knitters Edge is an online resource center available to you 24/7 365 days a year. This is the place where hand knitting inspiration and instruction are in abundance. It is designed for knitters of all levels. No matter how long you have been knitting, you are sure to find interesting techniques and patterns. Click on each of the bullet points  below for a more detailed description of what to expect. 

You Will Have Access To:

Hand Knitting Patterns

Knitters Edge does not just cater to the Machine Knitter but also to the Hand Knitter.  Many combine Hand Knitting with Machine Knitting and vice versa. From the very beginner to the well seasoned knitter, you will find almost 150 patterns easy to follow. In most patterns we include many images, and all the necessary techniques with links to the technique within the pattern. 

Knitters Edge is also color coded so you can easily identify which knitting room you are in. Purple in the heading will let you know you are in the Hand Knitting Room,

Knitters Edge and its designers do their best to provide you with pattern instructions which are easy to read and follow. We however, cannot be held responsible for human error, typographical errors, or variations an individual may elect to include. We thank you for your understanding

Hand Knitting Techniques

Knitters Edge Techniques were designed to make learning easy.  The almost 100 techniques were written with many images for easy following.  While we provide you with a complete list of these techniques, we have also linked them into the patterns which will keep you focused on the pattern without having to find your way back.

These Techniques also are categorized by skill level and may be a great benefit if worked in that order. 

Hand Stitch Patterns

Knitters Edge provides you with downloads to the ever growing library of stitch patterns. We will continue adding to the library helping to enhance your creativity.  Each stitch pattern will include step by step instructions, many images to give you a visual experience, techniques needed, and charts to help guide you to the end of your project.  

Hand Knitting Lessons

Knitters Edge has put together some step by step lessons to help with  your Hand Knitting experience.  These lessons provide you with a visual aid through the use of many images.  We do recommend you start with lesson one and work your way through to the end for a better understanding of how our patterns, and techniques are written and should be followed.  

In Addition :

Hand Knitting Videos

Knitters Edge has a very informative library of  Hand Knitting technique videos for your convenience.  As we progress, our videos will be using more advanced technology making them larger and easier to view. We will periodically be offering a free video for the public to view. The videos are downloadable for free to any Knitters Edge subscriber making your home use more convenient.  There is a complete list, with an image of the video, in library format making it easier to find the video needed.

Hand Knitting Reference

We provide Knitters Edge members with a library of reference materials. From clothing charts to how to's, you may find what you are looking for right at your finger tips. Knitters Edge has incorporated into the new enhanced site a search engine, providing a means to find quickly almost anything you may need.  

Hand Stitch Community

You will no longer need to run to the Yahoo group for interactive community activity. Knitters Edge will have its own blog not just for the subscribers but also for the public community so we can stay in touch with each other.  

Hand Knitting Samples