CT005 – Crab Stitch/Reverse Single Crochet [SAMPLE]


Crab Stitch is a reverse Single crochet typically used as an edging. This type of edging looks great on towels, washcloths, and would make a great design feature for sweaters and garments.

In this example a single crochet foundation row was worked first around a garter stitch swatch. This was to give a good nice clean even look and to make it easier to work the crab stitch uniformly around the piece.

This stitch is worked from a left to right direction whereas the normal single crochet is worked right to left. To avoid having to start/end in a corner stitch, start a few stitches to the right of any corner. Depending on the weight of the yarn, 2 or 3 crab stitches worked into the middle corner stitch on the foundation row below will give a smooth transition through the corner to the side. 

Stitch definition:
sc = Single Crochet
ss = Slip Stitch
YO = Yarn Over

Garter stitch swatchct005-1

Foundation row workedct005-2

The stitch is worked in the following manner.
1. Insert the tip of the hook into the next sc to the right.

2. YO and pull through the two loops. Two loops on hook. YO and pull through two loops. One loop on hook.