Karen Fearing

I have to say that in the last month or so I've found more inspiration at KE than I have anywhere else. A+ website and I'm still learning. Am determined to make a cardi, I HAVE to get the hang of this!!  Karen

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Marg Coe

Love the new site very much - easy to find my way around and having Helen on board is a wonderful bonus. Looking forward to more great additions to Knitters Edge.... Marg Coe

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I Love and use KnittersEdge.com All The Time! Thanks for all the Wonderful MK'ING Patterns and easy to follow and understand Teaching Videos! Knittersedge.com is The #1 Machine Knitting Resource for All MK'ers!


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It is great to have everything all in one place and very well worth the $50 for membership, especially since (my state) doesn't really have much in the way of knitting machine stuff at all, except our knitting club....I know I can get help if I need it or ideas.


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I just finished a garter carriage blanket and found a drop stitch in the stocking knit section. Thanks to you, now I know the proper way to fix it.

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No person should be allowed to purchase a knitting machine unless they subscribe to Knitters Edge before writing the check to pay for the machine. This is the best $50 I have spent in all the years I have owned a knitting machine.

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I just logged in and looked around the site. The crochet trims alone are worth the $50.00. I was very impressed with everything that I looked at.

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