April 17, 2016

DAK 8 videos have just begun.

We are starting from the ground floor with the BASICS of DAK 8.  KED001 Where are my files, takes you through a simple navigation for storing and finding files within the windows explorer directory structure.  We would love to hear your comments.  


September 19, 2015

What is New at Knitters Edge

Click to see the post in it's entirety: Helen Griffiths and I have just put up 4 new patterns for a collections of fashion scarves created by Helen.  These are included as part of your membership.  If you have for some reason, not subscribed to Knitters Edge, you can find Helen's patterns on her blog...
August 31, 2015

MKP368 Helen’s Thread Lace Art

This beautiful top is now available and just in time for some great Christmas presents.  Please let us know what you think and remember, the " Like it? " button to the left of the pattern will tell us how much it is liked.  There is a sampling of the pattern on the home page...
July 26, 2015

Contact Forms are now working

We had an issue with the contact forms (found under Contacts) which were not being delivered to our email address.  This has been fixed and you may now use the form to get information to us.  We will send a response back to you as quickly as possible.  Thank you Linda
July 25, 2015

Plating Issues On A Brother 260 Bulky

Brenda would like info from the community to help with her plating issue.  Let's help Brenda by commenting/replying to her post. "I am using two strands of Paton's Classic Wool which work beautifully on my Brother 260 bulky.  However, the first  stitch on a row turns as the carriage begins the row.  Very annoying and...
July 20, 2015

PayPal Recurring Billing Option(click to see all)

We experienced an issue when trying to process a recurring payment option using PayPal.  A second switch needed to be turned on in order to process recurring payments using PayPal however this had no affect if using recurring payments with other CC companies.  The switch has now been activated and PayPal recurring payments are now...
July 17, 2015

Mod 155 Yarn gets stuck on gate pegs

Hi Patricia is having an issue where her yarn is getting stuck on the gate pegs on her MOD 155.  Let's see if we can help her out.  you can post your comments/replies below.
July 16, 2015

Currently experiencing issues with the PDF downloads.

It has been brought to my attention the PDF downloads in Chrome and Internet Explorer on the PC are issuing a failed to download message.  As a workaround until I can get the issue fixed, I would use the firefox.    I can open without issues in Firefox and and Chrome on my tablet.  I...