CP001 – Ma Belle Baby Booties [SAMPLE]

These beautiful booties are made of #3 crochet cotton. They are embellished with 4mm seed pearls, satin ribbon and bows to make these a beautiful addition to baby’s ensemble for any occasion. The sole is made of two pieces sewn together for stability. I do not guarantee too many times but I believe the little princess wearing these will get ooo’d and ahhhh’d everywhere she goes. My next pair will be blue and white with little boy buttons.

SOLE: Make two
CH 12 loosely
  2 SC in 2nd CH from hook
  SC in next 6 ch(s)
  HD in next 3 ch(s)
  DC in last CH (8 times) (4th DC will be the center of toe)
  HD in next 3 ch(s)
  SC in next 6 ch(s)
  SC in last ch (4times)
  SS in first: Ch2                32 stitches 18SC 8DC 6HC

Rnd2 Ch2 Counts as 1HD
  1 HD in first SC
  2HD in next SC
  HD in the next SC (7 times)
  HD in next HD (3 times)
  *2 DC in next DC* repeat *to* 7 times more (7th DC is the center for the toe)
  HD in the next HD (3times)
  HD in next SC (7 times)
  2 HD in next 4HD
  SS in first Ch2: 48 stitches 32HD 16DC

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